Super promo ambulance carrying case (HUM)

black Cordura backpack with very complete content. Ideal starter for any ambulance or as a backup in your personal vehicle. On is limited supply. Optional with fingertip pulse oximeter.

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1 Black Cordura responder backpack
1 bag valve mask Ambu with adult mask, bag & tubing
1 cevical collar
1 bp cuff
1 stethoscope
1 glucometer bayer contour (mg:dl)
1 set guedell tubes
1 box sterilum handdesinfectant
1 packet bandagematerial:
5 bandages in different sizes
2 triangular bandages
2 wound towels
4 gloves
1 pair of scissors
1 rescue blanket
1 pupil light
1medical scissor
1 sharps container
1 coldpack
Optional fingertip pulse oximeter

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