First responder MKIII medical backpack with tacmed filling (Tasmanian Tiger)

Big brother of the move on, identical with extra removable side pouches and some extra features. This is the mother of all medical backpacks. Loaded with basic first aid packet

Padded Back Carrying System; Handle; Lid pouch inside and outside with 11 individually configured zipped pockets; Rain cover; Various elastic loops for securing tools, first aid equipment, etc.; Integrated red-cross flag – can also be used separately; Transparent accessory pockets (e.g. for medicine or cannulas); Removable panel with MOLLE system and different attachment options and additional handle for hanging; Hydration system compatible in the long side pocket; Left: Large divided detachable side pocket (6 l); Right: Two detachable smaller side pockets (per 1.25 l)

Afmetingen: 57X38X24cm
Volume 48,5l
Gewicht 4,5 kg
Materiaal: Cordura 700

Comes loaded with:
5 resque blankets
2 softt tourniquets
2 packs HALO chest seals
1 blast bandages
3 Israeli T3 bandages
2 control wrap bandages
2 rolls tape
2 zfold gauze 
2 compressed gauze 
2 petroleum gauze bandages
1 nasopharyngale canulla (NPA)
1 tube lubricant for NPA
1 set bandages
1 stiff cervical color
1 burnshield burnset
1 BVM gen2 tactical
1 medical scissor milspec  
1 sharps container  

Optional SPO2 meter available
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