First responder move on medical backpack with EMS filling (Tasmanian Tiger)

Slender new Medic Pack with flat detachable front backpack that can be used separately. Intelligent interior solutions for all Medic applications.

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Padded Back Carrying System; Detachable daypack; Strong No.10 zipper; Rain cover; Internal variable fixation points to store medical equipment; Separate detachable Velcro pockets with transparent cover; MOLLE system; Inner detachable plate with elastic loops; Length adjustable shoulder straps make carrying large body armour possible;

Volume: 40l
Weight 3,2kg
Fabric: curdura 700

1 bag valve mask Ambu met adult mask, bag & tubing
1 cevical collar
1 bp cuff
1 stethoscope
1 glucometer bayer contour (mg:dl)
1 set guedell tubes
1 box sterilum handdesinfectant
1 packet bandagematerial:
5 bandages in different sizes
2 triangular bandages
2 wound towels
4 gloves
1 pair of scissors
1 rescue blanket
1 pupil light
1medical scissor
1 sharps container
1 coldpack

Optional fingertip pulsoximeter  50€

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