Uniformed medical kit pouch (Tac-Med solutions)

De TacMed™ Uniformed Medical Kit of UMK wordt met klittenband bevestigd op de kogelwerende vest en heeft plaats voor een tourniquet (SOFTT-Wide aanbevolen) en eventueel andere medische toebehoren waardoor deze steeds bereikbaar zijn met beide handen

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The TacMed™ Uniformed Medical Kit, or UMK, mounts utilizing a standard part of the uniformed officer's everyday gear: the concealed body armor carrier. The thin design completely conceals the device underneath the officer's duty shirt. The front and back of the UMK uses a Velcro® like material that secures the device to the area of the cummerbund of the concealed body armor carrier. This provides the officer the ability to attach his carrier straps directly onto the UMK, without altering the fit, function, or performance of his concealed body armor. The UMK is designed to carry the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet-Wide, with additional pockets designed to carry a set of chest seals, hemostatic agent, and the Esmark Bandage.

Benefits of the UMK:

  • Central placement provides the officer instant, ambidextrous access to their medical kit.
  • Allows the uniformed officer to carry a complete medical kit on them at all times. 
  • Does not alter the professional appearance of the officer's uniform.
  • Velcro® like bridge allows the UMK to be adapted to fit carriers where Velcro does not extend fully across the abdomen.
  • Creates instant recognition among officers of the placement of medical gear.
  • Instant access to trauma gear saves precious time, allowing the officer to provide self-aid and responding officers to provide buddy-aid in the case of a serious injury.
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