First responder move on medical backpack MK2 MC tacmed stocked (Tasmanian Tiger)

The new model of the succesfull new Medic Pack with flat detachable front backpack that can be used separately. Intelligent interior solutions for all Medic applications. comes with pouches and rain cover

Padded Back Carrying System; Strong No.10 zipper; Rain cover; Detachable front pack; Internal variable fixation points to store medical equipment; Separate detachable Velcro pockets with transparent cover; Weight of the empty main backpack = 1,75 kg // Weight of empty main and front backpack = 2,60 kg // Weight of main and front backpack including all accessories = 3,70 kg; Inner detachable plate with elastic loops; Laser cut MOLLE system; Length adjustable shoulder straps make carrying large body armour possible

Volume: 40l
Weight 3,2kg
Fabric: cordura 700

Stocked with:

4 rescue blankets
2 CAT tourniquets
2 packs hyfin vent compact chest seals
1 blast bandages
2 Israeli T3 bandages
2 Israeli 6 inch bandages
2 control wrap bandages
2 rolls tape
2 compressed gauze 
2nasopharyngale canulla (NPA)
2 tube lubricant for NPA
1 set bandages
2 Waterjel gauzes
1 medical scissor milspec  
1 sharps container 

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