Range IFAK advanced (EMT)

Hi vis red IFAK, ideal for EDC or at the shooting range with additional chito sam 10/10 gauze and set of hyfin compact vented chest seals
Content: see below

Tasmanian Tiger TQ first aid pouch
1 CAT gen 7 tourniquet rescue orange
1 Israeli 4 inch bandage
1 compressed gauze
1 rescue blanket
5 wet wipes with desinfectant
1 pair of gloves
1 pair of pliers
1 set of assorted bandaids (regular and ypsiderm)
1 box assorted bandaids
1 eye gauze
1 pair of bandage scissors
1 chito sam 10/10 gauze
1 set NAR Hyfin vent compact chest seals

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