Direct safe handschoenen (Armoured claw)

Zeer sterke snijwerende interventiehandschoenen, met dyneema liner zijn deze zeer comfortabel, sleetbestendig en toch met genoeg gevoel om veilig een fouille te kunnen uitvoeren.

Armored Claw Direct Safe™ Puncture-Resistant Gloves

Armored Claw gloves are an excellent choice and will prove ideal for any situation that requires hand protection. Both during combat and during daily use. They are also intended for users, for whom combat is everyday work, because Armored Claw line of gloves was designed for military, not only airsoft enthusiasts. 

Armored Claw gloves were made from highest quality, tested for many years materials that guarantee their reliability and durability. These include, among others, original Kevlar® and Nomex® fibers by DuPont® as well as Keprotec® protective material developed by Schoeller Switzerland®. Comfort, breathability and easy adjustment to the user’s hand was achieved thanks to, e.g. Spandex, neoprene and synthetic leather.

Armored Claw line of products features a wide array of gloves of varied degree of protection. All that in order to allow the user to pick the right model that corresponds to his or her needs: non-flammable gloves, resistant to cuts, specially reinforced in order to provide protection against shock and other kinds of trauma.

Direct Safe is a new model in the Armored Claw series of gloves, whose main attribute is resistance to cutting and wear. A known and well-liked cut was expanded upon with several interesting solutions that improve protection and comfort of wearing. Inside the gloves is a layer made from SuperFabric® - it is a cut-resistant material that is used in the production of best protective equipment, including suits for motorcyclists. 

The outer layer of Direct Safe gloves was made from Dyneema® (polyethylene fibre with ultra-high molecular mass) and neoprene - a material that is characteristic for its high elasticity whilst at the same time being resistant to permanent stretching. The inside of a hand features high quality synthetic leather and soft protectors on the top filled with EVA foam that increases comfort and safety. 

The elastic lower part of a glove allows it to more easily adapt to the wrist and on the outside there a comfortable hook and loop fastener that enables circumference adjustment on the wrist.

Gloves have been deemed to meet EN388:2003 protection norm in terms of resistance to physical and mechanical activities with 3543 code, which means:

- resistance to wear [3]: 2000 cycles

- resistance to cutting [5]: 20.0 ratio - it is the highest mark in this field.

- resistance to tearing [4]: the ratio of the strength necessary to tear the product, expressed in Newtons: 75

- resistance to puncturing [3]: the ratio of the strength necessary to pierce the product, expressed in Newtons: 100

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