Ultrathon insectenspray (3M)

Insectenspray met een hoge hoeveelheid deet waardoor deze zeer lang werkend is en ook effectief tegen exotische insecten. NIET GEBRUIKEN OP KINDEREN ONDER DE 3JAAR !!!

Ultrathon - insect repellent includes the DEET  agent 

Do you need a reliable agent that will handle mosquitoes? Are you looking for tick protection? Or maybe you dream of tropical holidays, but you do not how to protect yourself from malaria or yellow fewer? The 3M company – the world leader in the area of innovation – found a way for solving these problems. The 3M Ultrathon™ is a protecting agent which will help you in the uneven fight with insects. 

The 3M Ultrathon™  protective  insect repellent checks out even in the extremely wet and heavy conditions. The innovativeness of the technology extending the operation of the repellent is based on slowly releasing the active DEET agent which deters the insects. This extends the operating time of the repellant even up to 12 hours ( 8 hours in the case of the spray ). The product is fully moisture, sweat and rain resistant. The Ultrathon™  is also the only repellent allowed by the military for civilian use. 

-The Ultrathon™   was created on the order of the American military and was tested in the tropical forests which are a natural habitat of mosquitoes and flies. Their bites can endanger the human life by transmitting diseases such as malaria, yellow fewer or viruses – says Karolina Smułka, the senior marketing coordinator in the 3M Poland’s Consumer Health Care department. 

     The advantages of the product:

- a comfortable to use spray – distributes the repellent evenly no matter the position of the bottle,

- It protects effectively from insects – up to 8 hours even in the conditions of heavy rain and humidity,

- it includes 25% of DEET – an insect deterring agent,

- it can't be used by children younger than 3 years

- an efficient package  - 170g

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