About us

Emergency Medical & Tactical or EMTshop.be is a business that grew from a passion and experience. We unite the medical part and the specific equipment needed not only into EMS but also in correctional, police and military departments and their special units. We can provide standard and tailor made training programs with full respect to procedures in place to integrate medical procedures from a kindergarten to a special forces unit. We are active in the civilian EMS system both as providers as instructors as in the tactical medical field (TCCC-TTLS) so we can evidence and experience base our training and choice of our product range. We are experienced and trained in:

- Security management
- Bodyguarding
- Chembio response
- Advanced driving training
- IED recognition and response
- Basic life support trainer
- Advanced life support provider
- TCCC provider
- TCCC-AC/TECC instructor
- TTLS provider
- Certified EMT and EMT instructor

Emergency, Medical en Tactical

Tim Van de Cavey
Tim Van de Cavey
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