Retention for SAF.T. cartridge (Safe tech)

Holder to keep your SAFT cartridgr from dropping and easy re-entry

The SAF•T•ROUND™ is a patented, caliber specific firearm safety device that is designed to be placed in the chamber of a semi-automatic or automatic firearm to provide a visual indication that the chamber is empty of live ammunition and to act as a live round excluder. It is a safety flag that eliminates the need to carry firearms with the action open.

The SAF•T•ROUND™ may be instantly ejected, and a live round chambered by simply cycling the firearm's action. It is international orange and made of a durable polymer and brass alloy that last for years. The orange tab extends from the body for visual indication that there is not a live round in the chamber. It is equipped with a hole on the tab for attaching a lanyard. The SAF•T•ROUND™ allows for magazine to be loaded and ready, while having the peace of mind knowing that the gun cannot be fired until the SAF•T•ROUND™ is ejected from the chamber.

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