Body armour ventilation set 2.0 (Tacvent)

Attention: this is a complete set with 2 plates and velcro attachment tabs...

We thank you for taking the time to look at the cop-invented and American-made TacVent – Body Armor Ventilation, the first and only passive ventilation device that allows the unobstructed flow and release of heat through true separation, using actual space, not matter – no spongy, meshy, absorptive material or inflatable devices, both of which can be counterproductive. Testing has shown TacVent to lower body surface temperatures by at least 14.5°, its distinctly unique and patented design consisting of a corrugated and perforated panel of extremely soft and highly flexible, engineering-grade, hypoallergenic thermoplastic elastomer. A huge plus is that its design and material allow it to act as a cushion, profoundly minimizing blunt force trauma. Using Velcro, it is easily secured and removed with all armor carriers, front and back, the “hook” portion stitched to the TacVent, and the “loop” portion attached with high-adhesive backing to any material. Again, we truly appreciate you taking a look at TacVent, the only solution in body armor ventilation!

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