Smilodon 2 gunbag 125cm (Primal gear)

Made out of high-quality, light and durable Aspen 500D material, the Primal Gear gun bag has a maximum length of 1250mm.

Inside the main compartment there are six stabilizing belts. The smaller compartment with dimensions of 900x220mm has three pouche

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Made out of high-quality, light and durable Aspen 500D material, the Primal Gear gun bag has a maximum length of 1250mm. 

Inside the main compartment there are six stabilizing belts. The smaller compartment with dimensions of 900x220mm has three pouches for two magazines each and elastic belts that keep additional accessories in place. From the outside, it has been fitted with a MOLLE webbing that allow for the expansion of the gun bag with additional pockets and pouches. The accessories are secured with an internal soft sponge. 

The gun bag can be worn both as a regular bag and hung over the users back.

The use of solid seams and high-quality accessories such as bands, Velcro and buckles additionally increase resistance and durability.

Additional accessories shown in the photos are not included in the set.



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