Blast bandage (Tac-Med solutions)

The blast bandage is designed to address in rapid large wounds to 50x50cm or amputations under stress situations with the attached elastic band. Provided that proper application may get bleeding under control as well as sent a tourniquet ...

The Blast® Bandage was designed to providence the ability to quickly package traumatic amputations, burns, wounds and large pattern with minimal use of supplies and minimal effort. The Blast® Bandage Provides a 20 "X 20" treatment area, but packs to about the size of a 4 "combat bandage.

Our large non-adherent wound pad can be easily wrapped around limbs and secured with the attached elastic wrap. It provides a large sterile protective covering for shrapnel wounds or burns. With Such a large coverage area, the Blast® Bandage is large enough to cover the entire back or chest or must casualties.

The Blast® Bandage ook offers a removable occlusive layer thatwill cover a 19 "x 19" area or can be used to cover abdominal contents Minimizing the loss of heat and moisture.

Axle with our other bandages, the "brakes" on the bandage help preventinfo accidental unrolling of the elastic wrap during high stress application. These brakes are Especially helpful during the dressing or amputations. By providing multiple points of adhesion, the brakes preventinfo slippage of the elastic during the wrapping process. This Creates a more secure, effective bandage and decreases the chance of the wound being exposed during movement.

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