Retentie voor SAF.T. patroon (Safe tech)

Kan op elk lang wapen bevestigd worden om de SAFT patroon bij het uitwerpen niet op de grond te laten vallen en makkelijk terug te plaatsen

The SAF•T•ROUND™ is a patented, caliber specific firearm safety device that is designed to be placed in the chamber of a semi-automatic or automatic firearm to provide a visual indication that the chamber is empty of live ammunition and to act as a live round excluder. It is a safety flag that eliminates the need to carry firearms with the action open.

The SAF•T•ROUND™ may be instantly ejected, and a live round chambered by simply cycling the firearm's action. It is international orange and made of a durable polymer and brass alloy that last for years. The orange tab extends from the body for visual indication that there is not a live round in the chamber. It is equipped with a hole on the tab for attaching a lanyard. The SAF•T•ROUND™ allows for magazine to be loaded and ready, while having the peace of mind knowing that the gun cannot be fired until the SAF•T•ROUND™ is ejected from the chamber.

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