Belt pimper set (Tee-UU)

De belt pimper set bestaat uit 2 onderdelen geschikt voor interventiegordels. 1 houder voor een rolletje tape, 1 haak. Meer info: onderaan

The BELT-PIMPER Set consists of two parts which pack a punch!

Attachment of both parts to your belt is as easy as known from the BELT KEEPERS and will help to facilitate day-to-day work

BELT-PIMPER Set consists of:

- 1 holder for plaster tape / surgical tape
   Innovation for day-to-day use! Fixed to the holder,
   roll with plater tape is always immediate at hand and
   can be unwinded, without having to detach it from
   In case you want to detach roll from belt, you only
   need to open one buckle by pressing with thumb and
   pointer – that’s all!
   Holder is suitable for mounting of rolls up to a width
   of 30 mm.

- 1 key-holder
   Robust metal carabiner e.g. for car key or similar.
   Design of carabiner allows for intuitive attaching of
   the key, with one hand only.
   During operations, key is safely fixed to you belt, but
   always available if needed.  

Scope of delivery:

Set of 2 belt keepers one of them with key-holder and one with plaster tape holder; without further or pictured supplies


- colour: black
- dimensions: 11,5 x 3 cm, each
- weight: 35 g
- material: polypropylene
- art.-no.: 2872-9005

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