Chemlight visipad (Cyalume)

De vispad is een rechthoekig markeerlicht met een zelfklevende achterkant, 11x6,5cm groot en dunner dan een traditionele chemlight. De marker kan vastgemaakt worden aan kabel of touw en de platte kant is beschrijfbaar met een marker.

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VisiPad is a rectangular marker light with a self-adhesive backing. It is compact (4,5” x 2,5” = 11.2 cm × 6.5 cm), thinner and lighter than a traditional 15cm ChemLight. ThisVisiPad self-adhesive marker light by Cyalume has one transparent side and the back is covered with an adhesive film protected by a peel-off coating removed by pulling the tab provided. In the four corners of the VisiPad there are eyelets and notches designed for attaching the marker light to a cable, a rope or to a wire. It is compact ultralight and ultraflat ideal for storing it easily in pockets, packs or kits. The flat surface can be used for writing messages with a black marker pen.

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