Electronische bloedpompmodule (Erler Zimmer)

Rugzak met ingebouwde electronica en bluetooth verbinding om via de smartphone tot 4 wonden tegelijk te laten bloeden, alles is instelbaar, van druk tot snelheid.
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The Bloody Mobile Automated Remotely Circuit blood supply module fits perfectly with our bleeding wounds. The reservoir backpack holds up to 3 liters of artificial blood, which can be pumped into up to 4 wounds at the same time using an electronic pump. The pump is operated by a battery pack and controlled in strength and pulse rate via Bluetooth remote control. Due to the backpack design, the blood supply is not noticeable and integrates perfectly into the training scenario. The reservoir bag has an extra large opening so that you can quickly and easily remove the blood and rinse the bag after the exercise.

Product features:

- practical backpack design
- wireless and mobile
- Strong battery pack for long operating times
- Wireless remote control via bluetooth
- easy handling, easy to clean

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