laser academy training kit (Mantis)

Laser academy is een zeer complete set welke door gebruik te maken van bijgeleverde doelen, je smartphone en je eigen vuurwapen een trainingsomgeving creeert om droog te kunnen trainen. Meer info onderaan.

With guided drills and real-time feedback, Laser Academy allows you to have a training facility at home and at your convenience. Get quality reps with your own equipment and experience a higher level of dry fire training with positive results you can see and feel. Laser Academy’s variety of drill options also keep things fresh for shooters, making practice feel more like a game and less like a chore.

The Laser Academy system utilizes a laser training cartridge that drops into the chamber of your weapon, delivering a light beam down the barrel every time the firing pin strikes the round. Using physical targets, these laser “shots” are read by your phone or tablet and scored accordingly, per mode. The simplicity of the setup is what provides the flexibility for when and where you can practice.

With purchase of either the "Standard" or "Portable" Laser Academy kit, you immediately unlock access to our entire library of PRO modes. This includes existing modes as well as future releases; that’s right, as Laser Academy expands, so do your training choices, all at no extra charge! No other laser-based training system comes close in their offering of variety or value. Let's see the full roster of modes available to you when you buy a Laser Academy kit.

Open Shooting - Multiple Targets: Basic target shooting with multiple target scoring and the ability to store sessions to track your progress.
Duel - Best of Five Series: First shot on targets wins a point in best out of five competition.
Shot From Guard/Low Ready - Multi-Shot: Starting from a prompt, this mode measures your reaction time and shot accuracy.
Bullseye - 10 Shots: Records scores and splits for 10-shot sessions. Untimed, unprompted.
Compressed Surprise Break: Firing from a prompt, the goal is improved reaction speed and shot accuracy.
Duel - 5 Shots: From a prompt both shooters draw and fire, with first on-target earning a point. A fun way to improve speed and accuracy.
Duel - High Score: Fastest accurate shooting round against an opponent.
Holster Draw: Fast and accurate shot from holster. Each shot is placed, scored, and timed.
Holster Draw - Par Timed: Fast and accurate shot from holster, against a par time. Shot must break before the par whistle.
Shot From Guard/Low Ready - Multi-Rep: Fast and accurate shot from guard/low ready position.

With a total of 14 modes, and more to come, Laser Academy provides you with variety, keeping your training routine fresh. Duel modes allow for friendly competition, and a safe way to introduce a new shooter to the action. And all of this from the comfort of home. Compared to the cost of going to the range, Laser Academy can pay for itself during your first session, with dividends you'll see as your performance increases.

Get your Laser Academy kit today, and upgrade your training.


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