Polymeren reiningshaakjes set van 3 (Breakthrough)

Set van 3 polymeren haakjes om aanslag te verwijderen op moeilijk te bereiken plaatsen

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Our durable, fiber reinforced polymer picks are designed to safely clean all types of firearm surfaces that can be damaged by the use of metallic weapon cleaning tools. Stronger and more break resistant than any other picks on the market, these tools can easily scrape away carbon from hard to reach areas.

– Helps to clean hard to reach areas in your firearms
– Made of durable fiber reinforced polymer
– Won’t scratch or damage metal surfaces
– Set of 3 picks:

  • Fine tipped double-ended tool for cleaning carbon build up from grooved areas. Tool includes a 45-degree angled fine point tool for getting into hard to access areas of chamber
  • Fine tipped double-ended tool for cleaning tight channels. Tool includes hooked tip for pulling cleaning cloths through areas that are hard to reach
  • Double-ended tool for cleaning carbon build up on bolt carrier group and sliding guide slot corners that are hard to access
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