Pressure wrap (slishman)

De Slishman pressure wrap is een veelzijdig en gebruiksvriendelijke tool dewelke gebruikt kan worden voor allerhande toepassingen tot als tourniquet bij kinderen en dieren; Door zijn design kan deze eenhandig zelf aangelegd worden. Verkrijgbaar in oranje

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The Slishman Pressure Wrap (SPW) is a highly versatile tool designed primarily for use as a pressure dressing. The lightweight black or orange elastic wrap includes a red slip sleeve forming a lasso that is easy to cinch and allows for application around an injured limb. Compact and conforming, the wrap can be added to IFAKs, go-bags, or larger first aid kits and is useful in a wide range of environments, including tactical, civilian, marine and veterinary. It can also be used to protect wounds, stabilize extremities, or to hold splints in place.


  • Light, compact, flexible and soft
  • Easy self-application
  • Fits adults, children, and even pets
  • No skin pinch
  • Minimal fine motor dexterity required
  • Easy to apply for seasoned medics and untrained first responders
  • Finely adjustable (Tighten until hemostasis, and then loosen for pain control and better perfusion)


Slishman Pressure Wrap Instructions

  1. Loop over injured limb & apply to injury (or simply wrap for entrapped limb).
  2. Cinch the red sleeve until snug.
  3. Use a wide wrap for long lacerations, or a narrow, tight wrap for more severe bleeding (between the injury and heart).
  4. Wrap the elastic all the way to the white label, then secure hooks to the elastic.
  5. Note application time on the white label.
  6. Adjust for pain minimization, while monitoring bleeding, pulses, sensation and motor function.
  7. Leave in place until definitive wound management can be accomplished ASAP.

Note: Do not encircle and tighten around the neck.


Wrap + Pouch

The included black neoprene pouch holds a wrap and allows space for other items such as band aids, gauze, medications, gloves, etc. The pouch has a double-pull zipper for easy access and a MOLLE strap on one side for strapping to a belt or outside of a pack. Also included is an adhesive Velcro strip to make it easy to mount the pouch in public areas (on AED boxes, refrigerators, cabinets, or other flat surfaces) making the wrap easy to grab-and-go.

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