Sniper gun bag 120cm (Primal gear)

Tas dewelke openvouwt als schietmat, voor wapens tot 115cm lengte, moduleerbaar dank zij de velcro en molle loops aan beide kanten.

The versatile Sniper Gun Bag rifle bag by Primal Gear is made of sturdy nylon 1000D . It has a compartment with a size of 1200 x 260 mm and offers rifles up to a length of 115 cm sufficient space.

The rifle can be fixed inside with velcro strips . On the front of a Velcro surface is attached for customization.

In addition to many Molle lugs for attaching additional tactical accessories, the rifle bag also has 2 removable ammo pockets (380 x 160 mm).

In addition to the conventional carrying handles, the Sniper Gun Bag also has a shoulder strap so that you can always choose the most comfortable transport depending on the situation.

If the bag is unfolded, this can alternatively be used as a sniper weft mat (1200 x 780 mm).


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