Holster claw kit (Concealment express)

Set om te bevestigen op elke concealment express iwb holster zodat de print verminderd en veranderd om de aftekening van het wapen te vermijden

Compatible with All NEW Concealment Express IWB & Tuckable Holsters. (Must have 2 retention holes at .60" Spacing)

Say Goodbye to Printing forever with our new IWB & Tuckable Claw Kit!

Looking for Maximum Concealability? Our reversible claw kit is here to help. The Claw pushes the butt of your gun towards your body to virtually eliminate any printing for Maximum Conceal-ability. Compatible with both our IWB & Tuckable lines of holsters.

This kit contains all the hardware you need to add the claw to your holster and works with both Right Handed and Left Handed IWB & Tuckable holsters with double hole retention (with .60" Spacing).

(Kit includes: 1 reversible claw base, 1 short claw, 1 tall claw, 1 flat screw, 1 nut, 4 rubber spacers, 2 short pan head screws, 2 long pan head screws)


Sorin Veliscu 21-04-2021 16:12

A useful accessory for IWB holster.

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