Super G schietbril (Uvex)

uvex super g veiligheidsbrillen (EN166)
Dit geweldige concept is een combinatie van innovatieve technieken en high-tech materialen. Door gebruik te maken van state-of-the-art productieprocessen kan een zeer dun glas worden vervaardigd. De oorveren zijn g

It weighs only 18 grams, yet still has the perfect non-slip fit: With its extremely thin lens, the uvex super g is the result of the innovative combination of advanced production processes with the use of cutting-edge materials.



General features

  • extremely light safety spectacles with a sporty design and hingeless side arms
  • 100 % metal-free
  • frame colours: navy blue
  • PC lens, clear


Protection features

  • certified to EN 166 (personal eye protection) and EN 170 (UV filters)
  • labelling: W 166 FT DIN CE – 2C-1.2 W 1 FTKN DIN CE
  • reliable UV 400 protection
  • maximum optical clarity thanks to extremely thin wrap-around lens


Comfort features

  • anti-fog inside, extremely scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant on the outside (uvex supravision excellence)
  • aerodynamically optimised lenses that are angled forwards to provide optimum ventilation and comfort around the eyes
  • maximum wear comfort is guaranteed by the lightweight design: just 18 grams
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