Wound packing trainer (Erler Zimmer)

Realistische wond simulator, ideaal voor zowel classroom als simulantentraining.

This affordable and realistic Wound Packing Simulator is ideal for emergency training and the simulation patient program.

Shown is a realistic bullet wound with bleeding function caused by a large gun caliber, ideal for training the Wound Packing procedure.
The Simulator is made of a high quality and very durable silicone that simulate human skin and tissue. Common hemostatic wound pads can be used. We recommend to use our washable, non-staining artificial blood (Ref.no. 7024) with the simulator. The trainer is fast and easy to clean after use.

The package contains:

- Wound Packing Simulator (Ref.no. 7770)
- 250 ml artifical blood (Ref.no. 7024)
- Bottle for fake blood (Ref.no. 7770-1)
- Tube 80 cm (Ref.no. 7770-2)
- Plastic tray (Ref.no. 7770-3)

Size: 12.5 x 10 x 5 cm, weight: 1 kg

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