Medicus family bloeddrukmeter (Boso)

elektronische automatische bloeddrukmeter met losse machette voor de bovenarm. Specs: zie onderaan

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The partner blood pressure meter with evaluation scale

• fully automatic blood pressure meter

• measurement accuracy clinically validated in 2005

• with irregular heartbeat indicator

• blood pressure evaluated according to the WHO scale

• additional average value indicator

• automatic inflation and deflation

• universal cuff for arm circumference 22 – 42 cm

• large, easy-to-read 3 value display

• 2 memory functions, each with a 30-measurement memory for a 14-day profile

• guest mode for an additional user, without memory function

• very quiet pump, AC-power adapter

• connection for standard and XL sized cuff

• with carry bag, batteries, blood pressure record card

• 3 year guarantee

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