Munitiedoosje 50 stuks kleine geweermunitie (Plano)

Afsluitbaar doosje met doorzichtig deksel voor 50 geweerpatronen 22-250, .250 Savage, .243 Win .30-30 Win en .32 Win .35 Rem.

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Durable rifle cartridge case fitted for 22-250, .250 Savage, .243 Win .30-30 Win and .32 Win .35 Rem. rifle shells. Made and designed with durable hard-shell plastic with easy to access flip-top lid with semi-transparent blue plastic. Safely store your ammunition with a padlock using the padlock tab moulded onto the box. With secure catches on the lid keep your ammunition secure in the box. Another great feature of this case include stackable groves moulded into the box so easy to stack and secure.

All Features:

  • Weight: 149g.
  • Colour: blue and grey.
  • 8 colour coded stickers
  • Ammunition not included.
  • Size: 5.8cm (w) x 9.5cm (D) x 7.4cm (H)
  • Please note the supplied item does not contain ammunition


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