Small ammo box (Plano)

Deze oersterke munitiekoffer is geschikt voor munitie of voor al uw andere toebehoren. Met waterdichte Oring en stevige doch eenvoudige sluiting blijft alles goed beschermd op zijn plek. Met punten voor hangslot.

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Plano Field Case ideal for carrying your boxes of 5.56mm ammunition as well as transporting rangefinders and other small electronics (please note the supplied item does not contain ammunition). The ammo box will comfortably carry six fully loaded 5.56mm boxes and keep them in good condition. Ammo box comes weather tight with a Dri-Loc water-resistant o-ring seal, rugged textured exterior, durable brass bailed latch. As a guide, this box will take 2 x boxes of 2 ¾" 12 Gauge cartridges or 3 x boxes of 2 ½ " 12 Gauge cartridges or approx. Please note: This item is made of Plastic

All Features:

  • Weight: 462g
  • Colour: Olive Drab
  • All weather Dri-Lock
  • Water resistant O-ring
  • Padlock tab for extra security
  • 100 loose 12 Gauge cartridges
  • heavy-duty comfort grip handle
  • Exterior Size: 29.53cm (L) x 13.02 cm (W) x 18.1cm (H)

Internal Size: 23cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 17cm (H)


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