Shooters case XL (Plano)

Deze degelijke en handige onderhoudskoffer maakt wapenonderhoud makkelijk. Opslag voor al uw producten en poetsmiddelen met een handige geweerhouder ingebouwd
Size 55.88 cm x 36.19 cm x 29.21 cm

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The sturdy and conveinient rifle cleaning case solution makes easy work of firearm maintenance. The case is made of a hard durable heavy duty plastic that creates a strong support system for the rifle yokes. It has 2 seperate compartments being the top lift out tray that is perfect for holding all your cleaning supplies such as gun oils, brushes, bore solvents etc. Underneath you will find a larger compartment where you can place the larger items. This all blends neatly into a nice and compact case that you can either leave set up at home or take into the field or the range.

Size 55.88 cm x 36.19 cm x 29.21 cm

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