TX2 tourniquet (RevMedX)

De TX2 is een tourniquet met rateltechniek. Door zijn ratelsysteem is deze in principe eenvoudiger aan te leggen dan windlass modellen. COTCCC goedgekeurd sinds 2019

The TX2™ is a durable ratcheting 2-inch tourniquet to aid in hemorrhage control. TX Tourniquets are ideal for the military, rural EMS services and civilian use. The wide width of the TX tourniquets allows for faster hemorrhage control better patient comfort. Features include a self-locking system, bite strap and simple operation. In a NAMRU study, the TX tourniquets outperformed windlass tourniquets in multiple categories.

Fast Facts:

  • Ratcheting mechanism makes for faster and easier application than a windlass
  • Wide width options to allow for faster control and better patient comfort
  • Ideal for rural EMS services, Civilians and the Military
  • Includes a self-locking system
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